is very popular social site. Idea of this site is very simple, you just need to make account on this website,and registration is free,and then anybody can ask you anonymous question. By anybody,I mean on all people who can find your profile. Usually you will share your profile of on other social sites like google plus,facebook and similar sites. This will help you to get more audience and more people will ask you question and follow you. But there is some problems about this system,because anybody can ask you questions,that mean your profile is exposed to thousands of unwanted people. They will probably say bad things about you and sometimes this can be huge problem. It is not easy to tell truth about you in your face, and it is very easy on this relatively new site. There can even be some people that will abuse you and that will say that they will attack you and even harm you. This is probably and usually just a empty threat,but sometimes it can be real dangerous because they mean it for real. This is one of the reasons that I can think of right now that you shouln’t use this social site. Few teens even kill them self because somebody was telling them bad things about it on this website. Since that days, had improve security measures but still,anybody can tell bad stuff about you. And most of the time this don’t mean anything to you. You can just delete the question and problem is solved. You don’t have to worry about that anymore. But sometimes this bad words can be true,and you can see that when you read question,and this can upset you, and make you wanna do bad things to somebody or even maybe yourself if you are stupid enough. Anyway,there is a way to stop this. There is one program called tracker. You can use it to locate person who asked you anonymous question. This tool is free to use and anyone can use it. This tracker is very easy to use and you don’t have to be smart to know how to use it. Just copy link of question,paste it to program,and watch how magic works. I am sure you will use this tracker for social site because it is very good to know when somebody hates you or maybe even oposite,and that person likes you or it is maybe in love with you. I think you should go for it any try this tracker so you don’t have to worry about bad questions anymore. This hack tool is becoming more and more popular each day and more people are using it. It does work now,but I am not sure will it work in future,that means,will you be able to download it for free,since tool will always work. So if I was you I would hurry up,so I don’t miss chance. social sites is become more and more popular and a lot of teens using it and there is even special department in police that is trying to track down the strangers,and arrest them if that is necessary. They are also using this tracker and this is proof how good this program really is.